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What is $BUUN Token?

BUUN Token is created with high-end technology and security tools. When BUUN Token holders perform a buy or sale, a tax deduction occurs at the following rates.

Buy Token

When BUUN token holders complete a buy or sale, a tax is cut at below rates.

3% tax is cut.

+ 1% of this tax is transferred to the team wallet. Every 90 days, 20% of the wallet is entered into the lottery with the BUUN DEAL prize distribution system. All holders having XXXX amount of BUUN tokens will be entered into this lottery. 20% of the team wallet BUUN tokens will be equally distributed among the 30 winning wallets in the lottery.

+ 1% of the tax is distributed to all holders with the correct correlation to the BUUN token ratio in their wallets.

+ 1% of the tax is automatically deleted and cannot be had again.

Binance Smart Chain

Contract: 0x7c3A4656F873020390db9C6D59429Ba3dc43178D

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Slippage: %3

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