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What ıs Busıness Unıverse?

Business Universe introducing you to a commercial virtual World. With the increasing population finance, logistics and supply problems are at the top point. We see this problem and we are developing several alternative virtual job modellings.

With the İndustrial Revolution industries have developed fastly. With the multiplier effect ambitious finance, tradership and logistics networks were developed from that day to this day. Fastly developing tradership and logistics networks based on the highly physical system and incapable of solving the supply problems. We are defending that the supply problems’ main topic is planlessness and job order lackness. Finance, tradership, logistics and supply chains being handled by physical administrations increase the disorder. We are observing that while the disorder is increasing the networks keep expanding. World and Humanity don’t own the structure to keep this expanding always with the current physical methods. In addition, the FIAT model, which continues with credit money, can’t bear the weight of this structure.

Our recent past is an important example of this. With the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2019, it was seen that finance, trade, supply and logistics networks do not have a solid infrastructure as expected. Although the effects of the pandemic are less talked about, the World is experiencing a great trade and logistics imbalance. This brings along global economic and supply problems. Using advanced trading technologies in Business Universe, you can eliminate or mitigate trade network problems, market problems and logistics network problems. Streets with status can be found in the Business Universe.  In these streets, a workplace can be purchased according to your task force, your line of work and more options. The workplace that you purchased can be in many different models as a plaza floor, an office floor, a shop, a stand, a mobile bench, etc. You can use your workplaces as in the physical world, it can even be used in a more advanced way. In addition, you can develop NFT products and decorate them according to your personal choice. You can sell your workplace whenever you wish to Business Universe or another demandant. A sectoral distribution will not take place by us. We will let the market shape according to its demands. Everybody that wants can buy a workplace and may perform any kinds of activities.

What ıs Busıness Unıverse?

Business Universe is a virtual trade universe project that aims to eliminate the existing problems of finance, trade and logistics networks and to annihilate the physical load of these networks with web 3.0 and blockchain infrastructure.  The Business Universe world offers you a fast and uninterrupted commercial communication and financial order center using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies. Business meetings and meetings can be planned in seconds, and logistics work can be organized with very low budgets and maximum speed through the business centers you can find here. All financial information of many physical companies and suppliers, regardless of country and region, can be accessed within seconds. It should not be forgotten that many in the Metabusiness commercial universe are next-door neighbours that can be reached in a few seconds.

Business Universe creates virtual business environments that are constantly changing and will surprise you every time. Your AI language assistant will be identified on your character or hologram. In this way, even if you or your staff speak your native language, your artificial intelligence language assistant will translate it into the language of the other party and transfer it to the other party. In this way, all users can communicate in their mother language, even if they are in different countries or languages. In the Business Universe  model, you do not have to learn a new language. You can freely speak your own language, like a world language.

Choose the most suitable office according to the sector and business size and manage all your business there in a professional way. Your artificial intelligence assistant supports you like a professional staff and does not charge you anything. Business Universe allows you to have many personals without paying a salary. Your existing personnel can connect to your workplace and carry out their work from anywhere with internet infrastructure, just like in your physical office. Do not forget that your artificial intelligence-assisted assistants can also support your staff.


Business Universe is Profitable

Business Universe  offices are highly profitable businesses. With the projects produced and ongoing, it is aimed that both BUUN tokens and Business Universe offices will be valued consistently. Financial management will be made professional with BUUN Economy systems. With BUUN token reward systems, BUUN token trading systems and increasing Business Universe office demands, it is aimed that the assets held are in a continuous valuation process.



Big technologies are planned for the future. With the hologram technology, you will be able to feel your business meetings, individual interviews and many more as if they are physical. You will feel like you are in your office by using modular devices. With our hologram technology, you will be able to attend business meetings in a different country, thousands of kilometers away, and be there as a hologram in seconds. You will plan talks and meetings where you will feel all your human senses just as they truly are. We are committed to developing this technology by 2030.


Manage Your Company with Business Universe:

With Business Universe, you can buy a blockchain and web3.0 based office. All your personnel can be integrated here, and you can make your personnel controls and salary payments with Business Universe management. Also, in payment systems, all your details such as supply, logistics and storing are written in the blockchain-based databases. This eliminates your need for extra accounting and finance. Make your physical business connections with algorithmic trading systems and have a truly perfect workflow. You and your staff can be in harness wherever you have an internet connection. With your AI-language support assistant, you and your staff will master all the languages of the world.

You can attend your business meetings by yourself or your staff, and you can make your presentations in private and lux presentation rooms. You can find cafes and chat environments set up to create social environments in the Business Universe and set up new business connections.

You will feel like you are in your office by using modular devices. With our hologram technology, you will be able to attend business meetings in a different country, thousands of kilometers away, and be there as a hologram in seconds. You will plan talks and meetings where you will feel all your human senses just as they truly are. We are committed to developing this technology by 2030.


Your Business Meetings with Business Universe:

In the Business Universe, business meetings between countries can take place in seconds, regardless of language options. In your blockchain-based workplaces, you can plan and conduct meetings with Hologram and simulation technologies. Thanks to our AI systems, you will not need to use any special language. You can use your own language. Your AI-assisted language assistant will translate all your sentences to the other side in the other side’s native language, and you will be able to have an uninterrupted, secure conversation.


Your Business Agreements with Business Universe:

You had an uninterrupted and secure business meeting with the other company, supported by AI and language. We are soo happy about that. Let’s say you made a deal. Business Universe smart contracts will come into play when you want to make a deal on business. This smart contract will be signed between two parties with blockchain technology. It will be stored in the Business Universe database. In the commercial activity, the side that has to pay makes the payment with the Business Universe Token (BUUN), and the side that will supply the product or service specifies this in the smart contract. After this smart agreement, which takes place in a few seconds without the need for any physical operation, when the physical work is finished, the paying side approves the smart contract, and the side that will send the product or service approves the smart contract. All work is completed and controls are provided. After that, the smart contract transmits the token amount to the product or service provider. In this process, price movements on the BUUN token side can be protected by the product or service provider from the “BUUN Economy” section, price protection is guaranteed by Business Universe.



Your Business Universe Logistics System:

As Business Universe, we know that there are many problems with physical plans and physical systems in logistics and supply chains. We will use smart contracts and things will proceed in an orderly way to eliminate this problem. You can quickly communicate with many logistics companies in the Business Universe. Suppose you live in country X. You want to buy a product from country Y, which is far away from you and have no connection, and transfer it to country W. Organize a business meeting with your AI-powered, blockchain and web3.0 based, an interactive company right away. There will be many traders from country Y on your nearest street or your street. Make your business deals and contract logistics companies in the Business Universe . There can be no wrong commercial activity here. All contracts and payments are recorded and secured in the Business Universe database. All employers and job takers approve smart contracts after your transfer and logistics processes are completed. One second after these confirmations, the payments are transmitted to the parties who are entitled to pay.


Your Business Universe Social Media:

We will offer you social environments to improve your business functioning and social aspects. Here you can have a coffee and chat with different business owners. You will be able to establish new business networks and friendships in social environments. Do not be afraid of language differences! Your AI assistant will be with you here as well, and you will be able to communicate in different countries, in different languages, like your mother tongue. Who can say “no” to this amazing technology!


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