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Metabusiness Announces Virtual Business Universe MEFI Token

7 Temmuz 2022 14:32 GMT+3

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Istanbul, Turkey--(Newsfile Corp. - July 7, 2022) - Metabusiness has launched
a virtual business universe and announced a new token, MEFI. Basically, it's a
digital currency that can be purchased and stored on the peer-to-peer
exchange. It's a cryptocurrency that is similar to a conventional currency but
has certain benefits.

Virtual business universe

The MEFI token is a digital asset that can be traded on a variety of
exchanges, including the traditional centralized ones. While its popularity is
growing rapidly, it is still unclear whether it will become mainstream. It is
also available on a range of traditional exchanges, including Binance.
However, its safety is one of its greatest concerns. It is important to note
that a hot wallet has a high risk of exposure to malicious actors. A cold
wallet, on the other hand, only has access to the blockchain when sending

Digital currency

MEFI is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that provides the ability to do
virtually any business with another party. The token is based on smart
contracts and will be used for payment and other transactions. In the virtual
business world, MEFI tokens will serve as payment, and they will be
distributed among the two sides of the deal. A smart contract is an agreement
between two parties to carry out a certain transaction in exchange for tokens.
In the Metabusiness virtual world, the agreement will be signed through
blockchain technology. This means that the parties will be rewarded on an
ongoing basis for their participation in this virtual world.

Stored on a peer-to-peer exchange

The new project by Metabusiness is a virtual business universe that uses
blockchain technology to eliminate existing problems in trade and finance
networks. The idea behind this virtual business world is to offer users fast
and easy commercial communication and a financial order center using
blockchain and web 3.0 technologies. Users can schedule meetings in seconds
and conduct logistics work with minimal budgets. The business centers can be
organized at maximum speed. With the MEFI token, Metabusiness will be able to
facilitate the exchange of financial information.

This token is a utility that allows users to transact in the business world
without the use of a middleman. It is a type of cryptocurrency and is not
regulated by any authority. 

Media Contact:

Company Name: Meta Business

Email: info@metabusiness.com
Website: https://metabusiness.city
Contact number: 0850 302 62 57

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